Biographical Sketch

George W. Hamlin, President of Hamlin Transportation Consulting and previously Managing Director at ACA Associates has more than 40 years of experience in the commercial aviation and aerospace industries. His previous experience includes senior consulting positions at Global Aviation Associates (now InterVistas-ga2), MergeGlobal and Morten Beyer & Agnew. His advisory expertise includes specialization in transport economics, marketing and strategic planning, aircraft requirements/fleet planning, economic analysis and forecasting for both passenger and cargo operations.

Prior to Global Aviation Associates, Mr. Hamlin was Director of Strategic Planning at Airbus Industrie of North America, Manager of New Business Development at Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company, and Director of Schedule Planning at Texas International Airlines. Mr. Hamlin began his career in commercial aviation as a Financial Analyst with Trans World Airlines, in New York, NY, and later was responsible for the scheduling of the carrier’s freighter operations, after serving initially as a part-time Customer Service Agent at JFK Airport.

Mr. Hamlin holds a Master of Science in Transportation from Northwestern University. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Political Science (double major) from Washington and Lee University. He is the author of four books, including the Skyliners series of pictorial airline histories; numerous articles; and has many published photographs of transportation subjects.

Work Highlights


  • Advise clients in areas of market and strategic planning, aircraft requirements/fleet planning, economic analysis and forecasting, for both passenger and cargo operations, for U.S. and international clients.

  • Extensive experience with airport air service development and strategic assessment for both passenger and cargo.

  • Litigation support, including expert witness.

  • Analysis of commercial aerospace strategic issues and business cases, including economic issues associated with international trade issues.

  • Due diligence studies for multiple clients, including support of America West’s successful application to the U.S. Air Transportation Stabilization Board.

  • Analysis and preparation of airline business plans.

  • Extensive experience with regional aviation issues, including aircraft/fleet planning requirements.


  • Responsible for market and strategic planning for commercial aircraft manufacturer.

  • Extensive participation in aircraft marketing activities, both passenger and cargo, including market and fleet planning studies, and presentation to airline executive management.

  • Development of market requirements and trends for inclusion in corporate forecasting activities.

  • Liaison with financial and aircraft appraisal communities.

  • Participation in marketing of aircraft-backed securities.

  • On-site work with major carrier to restructure a portion of its international operations.

  • Organized and managed new department responsible for identifying and developing major new business opportunities.

  • Managed development of market analysis activities for international commercial joint ventures.


  • Responsible for route, fleet and economic planning.

  • Developed route strategies for service to new points.

  • Participated in regulatory affairs including preparation of route cases and testimony in hearings.

  • Developed route and schedule analyses of potential merger/acquisition candidates.

  • Scheduled freighter fleet (domestic, transatlantic and transpacific operations).

  • Responsible for cargo market research, forecasting and advertising.

  • Participated in IATA and ATA cargo forecasting activities.

  • Participated in development of standard cost rates and assessment of flight profitability.

  • Customer service agent at JFK airport.


  • The Lexington Group in Transportation History

  • Board of Trustees, The National Museum of Commercial Aviation

  • Washington (DC) Aero Club

  • International Aviation Club

  • Washington Airline Society