Effective Communication

The ability to communicate effectively is very important in most business activities, including consulting. Arriving at a solution to a problem is often only part of the process; often it is necessary to be able to explain the results to diverse audiences in order so that a client can obtain a successful result.

George has excellent capabilities in the area of written communications, with a significant number of published articles. He also has delivered many formal presentations, to groups including major industry conferences, individual business organizations, graduate-level university students and historical societies, among others.

In addition to the publications and presentations listed here, George also provides extensive assistance to the news media, both print and broadcast. He is quoted and interviewed frequently about transportation and aerospace matters. In addition, he also writes the monthly column "Observation Deck" about airline industry matters for Air Transport World's website; a link is available in the Commentary section of this website.

Finally, George also is a widely-published photographer; further details are available in the photography section of the website.